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A - D

Judy Apps

The Four Voices of Leadership (Article, Summer 2006)


Daniel Ausema

The Sports Fable Press (Fiction, Spring 2007)


Annika Barranti

Puppy Love (Fiction, Fall/Winter 2005)

Review of Black Sunshine by Alexander Zelenyj (Book Review, Summer 2006)

Review of Pseudo-City by D. Harlan Wilson (Book Review, Winter 2007)

Review of The Pig That Wants To Be Eaten (Book Review, Spring 2007)


Gary Beck

Summer Foray (Fiction, Summer 2006)

Promise of Love (Fiction, Winter 2007)

Passage, Ebb and Relentless (3 Poems, Summer 2007)


Stephen Benzel

The Arborist (Fiction, Summer 2006)


Elizabeth Bernays

The West Shed (Creative Nonfiction, Summer 2006)


Tina Berry

Strategies for Healing (Article, Spring 2006)


Michael Blackstock

Blue Ecology (Poetry and Science, Fall/Winter 2005)


Louise Bohmer

Old Habits (Fiction, Summer 2006)


Blythe Boyer

Tocsin and Ode to Ex-boyfriends (2 Poems, Fall 2006)


Zachary C. Bush

Leaving Oxford, Mississippi and other poems (3 Poems, Spring 2007)

     "Leaving Oxford, Mississippi," "Stepping Through a Jet-Low" and "When I Heard the

     Bear Coming"


Cynthia Chatman

Nicky's New Pride (Graphic Short Story, Fall/Winter 2005)


Julia Cole

Better Late Than Never (Article, Spring 2006)


Tony Demarest

Ariadne and other poems (4 Poems, Fall/Winter 2005)

     "Ariadne," "Helen," "Cassandra" and "Leaf Burning"


Dr. Paul Dunn

Turning On The Creative Genius Inside You (Article, Spring 2006)

Getting to the Heart of the Matter (Article, Winter 2007)




E - H

Samantha Enns

Prophetess and other poems (3 Poems, Winter 2007)

     "Prophetess," "Sonnet II" and "Interdisciplinary"


Mark Fewell

Those Who Came to Learn and Die (Fiction, Spring 2007)


Kit FitzSimons

Lie to Me and other poems (3 Poems, Summer 2006)

     "Lie to Me," "Unrequited Apathy" and "Announcements"


Joachim Frank

Christopher Columbus and All That (Fiction, Summer 2007)


Dave Freeman

Selected Poems from Rat atouille for the rindless (Illustrations, Summer 2007)


Alice Friman

Geometry and other poems (3 Poems, Spring 2006)

     "Geometry", "Silent Movie Bernheim Forest" and "The Rope"


Cory Ellen Gatrall

Soylent Green Is Corn! (Book Review, Spring 2007)


Ralph Greco, Jr.

The Seam (Fiction, Fall 2006)

Led Assway (Fiction, Spring 2007)

The Lake Street Uprising (Fiction, Summer 2007)


John Grey

So You Think a Day at the Beach is a Cure and other poems (3 Poems, Fall 2006)

     "So You Think a Day at the Beach is a Cure," "The Nurse Smoking Cigarettes by

     Hospital Doorway" and "Sonnet Kurosawa"


Ian Haight

The Poacher and Brothers (2 Poems, Summer 2007)


Carole Hamilton

The Shoes (Fiction, Spring 2006)


Adam Hartman

The Slow Machine Inside (Fiction, Summer 2006)


Ken Head

Geckos and other poems (3 Poems, Spring 2007)

     "Geckos," "Mandala" and "Walking Slowly Through Time"


Juleigh Howard-Hobson

The Old Man's Flies (Fiction, Fall 2006)


Kerry Hughes

From The Incense Bible (Book Excerpt, Spring 2007)




I - L

John Irvine

The Seven Deadly Sins and In Defense of Arachnids (2 Poems, Fall 2006

Bloodlines and Robert Winfield Scott (Poem and Essay, Winter 2007)

Selected Poems from Rat atouille for the rindless (3 Poems, Summer 2007)


Leland Jamieson

Toasting the Sun's Massif and other poems (3 Poems, Summer 2006)

     "Toasting the Sun's Massif," "Wholly, Wholly...." and "Scrabbling for Scarlet Oaks"

How Deep the Night and other poems (3 Poems, Winter 2007)

     "How Deep the Night," "Archimedes Second Thoughts" and "The Bridge, 1940"

Warm Happiness and Walking (2 Poems, Summer 2007)


Tessa Johnstone

Swan Dive (Fiction. Spring 2007)


Robert Kalman

Gallery (Photos, Spring 2006)


Kevin P. Keating

Same Old Story (Fiction, Summer 2007)


Ruth  Kessler

The  Latroun Monastery and other poems (3 Poems, Spring 2006)

     "The Latroun Monastery," "Elegy in Las Vegas" and "For Those Living Near

     Railroad Tracks"


Allison Kinsell

Review of LOTR: The Musical (Theater Review, Summer 2006)


Tarl Roger Kudrick

Labor Night (Fiction, Winter 2007)


Jodi Lee

Review of The i Tetralogy by Matthias Freese (Book Review, Summer 2007)


Tom Leveen

Judas My Heart (Fiction, Spring 2007)


Lyn Lifshin

Sleeping With Lorca and other poems (5 Poems, Fall/Winter 2005)

     "Sleeping with Lorca," "Do I Have to Really Write About What Seems Most Scary?",

     "When I Think of the Dark Mare," "Ballet du Maurais" and "I Want to Be Cat Like"




M - P

Laurie Mazzaferro

Afterwards (Short Story, Fall/Winter 2005)

Stitching and other poems (3 Poems, Spring 2006)

     "Stitching," "Shadow" and "Lullaby"


Curt McDaniel

The Legend of Luther Brown (Fiction, Fall 2006)


Robin Merrill

Blood Speak and other poems (3 Poems, Fall 2006)

     "Blood Speak," "The Bottle House" and "The Adoption"


Carole Ann Moleti

Review of James Tiptree, Jr. by Alice B. Sheldon (Book Review, Winter 2007)

Review of Flashes of the Other World (Book Review, Spring 2007)

Going on Pointe (Essay, Summer 2007)


Kristine Ong Muslim

Throb and The Second Stranger (2 Poems,  Spring 2007)


Karen Newman

Blood is Coal and other poems (3 Poems, Fall 2006)

     "Blood is Coal," "Stripped" and "Backyard Memories"

A Review of Two Stoker Award Nominees in Poetry (Book Review, Spring 2007)


Craig Pirrall

Noodle Cycle Interrupted (Fiction, Spring 2007)


Blossom Plumb

Ygdrasil (Fiction, Summer 2007)


Sally Pont

Abel's Secret (Fiction (Novel First Chapter), Summer 2006)


John Popham

Plainsong (Fiction, Winter 2007)


Andersen Prunty

The Balloonman's Secret (Fiction, Winter 2007)




Q - T

Karen Ratcliffe

Review of Zanesville by Kris Saknussemm (Book Review, Summer 2006)


Lisa Reardon

Why I Went to New York to Write About Michigan (Creative Nonfiction, Fall/Winter 2005)


Brady Russel

No Shade (Fiction, Spring 2006)


Vincent L. Scarsella

In the 42nd Inning (Fiction, Fall 2006)


Deborah J. Sergeant

Brainwashed in Modern Suburbia (Article, Fall 2006)

Measuring Up (Article, Winter 2007)


Julie Ann Shapiro

3AM Whistle (Fiction, Fall 2006)


Noel Sloboda

Naturalistic and other poems (3 Poems, Spring 2007)

     "Naturalistic," "Going Rate" and "Puppy Love"


Frederic Stell

Check Your Core and Find Your Purpose (Article, Fall/Winter 2005)


Femke Stuut

The Ladder of Intentional Behaviour (Article, Fall/Winter 2005)

The Spider at the Gate to Happiness (Article, Summer 2006)

What is Your Doom? (Article, Fall 2006)

Super Hero vs. Ego Strength (Article, Spring 2007)

Blossom (Article, Summer 2007)


James Swingle

Why Noneuclidean? (Editor's Column, Fall/Winter 2005)

New Age Sorcery? (Editor's Column, Spring 2006)

Changes (Editor's Column, Summer 2006)

The Differences that Make the Difference (Editor's Column, Fall 2006)

Review of claptrap by Stephen Gyllenhaal (Book Review, Fall 2006)

Review of The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins (Book Review, Fall 2006)

Managing Different Maps (Editor's Column, Winter 2007)

NLP and Critical Dialog (Editor's Column, Spring 2007)

The Joy of Personal Stagnation (Editor's Column, Summer 2007)

Review of 21st Century Bread by Leland Jamieson (Book Review, Summer 2007)


Nicole Tavares

Girl Descending and other poems (4 Poems, Summer 2006)

     "Girl Descending," "Narcissus, Narcissa," "Platoís Cave: The Womenís Restroom" and

     "Bright On the Beach"


Jeff Tikari

The Sting in the Tale (Fiction, Fall/Winter 2005)


Eric Torgersen

Lacrosse League and Cats (2 Poems, Spring 2006)

     "Lacrosse League" and "Cats"




U - Z

Larry W. Van Guilder

The Girl I Should Have Married (Fiction, Spring 2006)


William Wenthe

Relativity and other poems (3 Poems, Spring 2006)

     "Relativity," "These Things" and "Mosquitoes"


Sharon White

Review of Into the Dreamlands, ed. by Jason Andrews and Michael Dyer (Book Review, Summer 2007)

Review of Tales of Real and Dream Worlds by Bart Stewart (Book Review, Summer 2007)


Lisa Wright

Remembering the Broader Picture (Article, Summer 2007)


Alexander Zelenyj

The Loneliness of Strangefire Dancers (Fiction, Spring 2006)





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