The last year has been a time of great change, and also great sadness, for me.  I moved from New York City to Canada in the Spring of 2007 to be with my wife.  Soon after arriving, while I was in the midst of lining up work and building a new life in Canada with my wife, my Mom (who had been suffering from Alzheimer's the last several years) fell and had to be hospitalized.  It became clear my father could no longer care for her at home, even with a visiting nurse, so this past Fall we had to arrange to move her into a nursing home.  Then, in January of this year, my Mom passed away.  I consider myself lucky that I was able to visit with her one last time in December, and that a couple of times during my visit, she was able to recognize me.  As much as I miss her, I know she would not have wanted to continue on, as she was at the end.


Of course, the rest of life doesn't come to a stop while we deal with one thing.  In the midst of the sadness of losing my Mom, there have also been happy changes, changes that look to the future and to new life.  My wife and I are moving into a new house in May, and expecting our first child--a boy--in June.  I am saddened that my Mom will never get to meet her grandson.  But I am happy that I was able to tell her that she was going to be a grandmother, and that for a second or two, she smiled and seemed to understand, to share in the joy.


Anyway, with all this going on, both the sad changes and the happy changes, my attention to Noneuclidean Cafe has suffered.  The quick turnaround time Noneuclidean Cafe had always prided itself on has slowed.  Writers I am working with have been kept waiting for responses.  And the release of new issues has been impacted.  I greatly appreciate the understanding of all the writers who have corresponded with me, and who have been so understanding of the delays on my side. To all of you who have written kind and supportive emails, to those who have noticed the changes and checked in to see if everything was okay, thank you. 


James Swingle




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