Slushpile Statistics


Statistics as of February 3, 2008

In hopes of providing more transparency into the process of submitting work, we have broken out our slushpile statistics into greater detail. 


  Avg. Response Time* Submissions per Week Acceptance Rate for Fiction Acceptance Rate for Poetry
2005/2006 4 days 6 12% 22%
2007 8 days 12 7% 16%
2008** NA NA NA NA

* Duotrope's Digest (as of 2/3/08) reports a 7.6 day overall average response time for Noneuclidean Cafe, based on the response times writers have reported to them.  We encourage writers to report their response times to Duotrope and other independent sites that track responses and response times.


** There aren't enough data for meaningful statistics for 2008 yet.  In general, December and January response times have been slow, so we're currently running about 4 to 6 weeks average turnaround time.  Acceptance rates so far look like they will be similar to 2007.


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