Owl and Racer and Coming Soon, Yesterday

John Grey



Owl and Racer


Snake slithers through owl's wood,

So little witness does it take

To realize that realm of snake

Is now raptor's, and nothing could

Emphasize this more than dour hood

Of eyes, fearsome hoot, sudden shake

Of boughs in tall oak, racer quake

As new food chain is understood.


Sun crawls over red hills, the land

Scrapes off the last of waning day

Like snake skin, a change is at hand

From fang to talon, black to gray,

It's twilight, a shift in command

From reptile to bird of prey.



Coming Soon, Yesterday


There's a poster on the club wall for the show

I really want to see

but, only trouble is,

it happened three weeks ago.


There's my hero,

eyes throttled tight

with emotion

and trumpet hanging out of his mouth

like a tongue going down on the music.


One show only. They have to tell me that.

And the date. Saturday August 2nd.

That was my life and I missed it.

Now I'm dead.


Why didn't they rip this damn thing down,

post up their placards for the shows

I have no interest in.

Mangy guitarists, gas-piped divas,

I would have moved slickly by

or maybe paused a moment

to leave a message on the answering machine

of their pumped up admission price list...

"Don't call back for love or money!"


I want to complain to the manager

about dreams destroyed.

But maybe he'll say the guy

will be back next year

so they're only dreams deferred.

And I feel sure that, knowing me,

I'll miss that one as well.

For me, the future's always been

this encore by the past.

And always the wrong act giving it.


John Grey is an Australian born poet, playwright, musician. His latest book is What Else Is There from Main Street Rag. Recent work of his was published in The English Journal, The Pedestal, Pearl and the Journal Of The American Medical Association.


Photo "Why Did You Jump" by Bella Dante.



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Poems Copyright 2008 John Grey. All rights reserved.
Photo Copyright 2008 Bella Dante. All rights reserved.