Selections from wormwood, earth and honey

by Catherine Edmunds



on the last voyage she froze

legs turned blue, angular

wings yellowed

feet stuck to poison


come spring

her desiccated body fell through twigs

a stray hair

a piece of ash


crushed underfoot by horses

giving birth to spring

she disappeared altogether


ten thousand offspring

never knew

as their fat bodies squelched through the flesh

of the dead and dying





he sat on his motorbike

garish, resplendent,

in periwig, surcoat and pantaloons


he waited

we waited

they waited

all waited

for the fish underneath him to ripen


and when it did

the fumes exuded

took him to Tajikistan

(and back)

and then all the way to France


Review of wormwood, earth and honey


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Poems Copyright 2008 Catherine Edmunds. All rights reserved.