Leaving Oxford, Mississippi and other poems

Zachary C. Bush



Leaving Oxford, Mississippi


The pine trees did their best to hide me from the Mississippi moon,

but they were only toothpicks in the sky. Even the mighty oaks had

failed, so I followed the tracks out of Oxford, occasionally stopping

to chafe my face against the rusty iron, reminding myself that I had

experienced nothing.



Stepping Through a Jet-Low


Say goodbye to the unborn, and push

the Boat of the Dead to sea. Pray

as you watch it catch flame,

a small torch on the horizon.



When I Heard the Bear Coming


my arms were filled with five-percent of everything I owned. You

cursed my name into a pillow,

as I ran out the front door.


Zachary C. Bush, 23, is a writer of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and magazine features. He lives in Georgia with his two cats: Luna and Tic-Tac. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Chronogram Magazine, Vox Journal, Cerebral Catalyst, Word Riot, as well a dozen literary journalsóboth online and print.


Photo "Leaning Toward Growth" by Bella Dante.




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Poems Copyright © 2007 Zachary C. Bush. All rights reserved.
Photo Copyright © 2007 Bella Dante. All rights reserved.