Prophetess and other poems

Samantha Enns






In vain, censored melancholy, I sit.

You pick words as though they are daisies,

And piece them together meticulously.

                                    I donít do jigsaw puzzles.

The final picture confuses me to no end.

                                    God knows I need no more.

Art has always been a fickle lover,

But at least not dutiful, as yours.

            You render the best words devoid

Of vitality.

            How can it be your love? So deliberate.

Planned and precise.

   For most red is the height of passion.

But I


            draw from a complete palette.



Sonnet II


And then I saw his face above the stars.

ĎNeath trough and trow I gaped, inferior.

My hand stopped work (unknown) still sown with scars.

They trembled slightly as the face grew near.

It filled my vision and my shrunken mind.

An apparition, coming with a flood.

I braced my fear Ė to stand made muscles grind.

He stole resolve; I fell face-first in mud.

No words were said and none were lost in need.

His purpose was clear, an idol to praise.

Unwritten rules gave no choice but to heed

The benevolent gift of accolades.

Tíwas a present to me, a subtle nod.

Faithfully now, I can believe in God.





This is an ugly poem.

This is a fucking ugly poem.

But itís true.

And truth and beauty can not coincide

Because this is Truth, and this is an ugly poem.


I donít really hate myself

But I try to

Because you do

And the voice of the people

Is god.


I do really cut myself even though I donít really hate myself.

Because my life is a lie

And I am a lie

So my secrets might as well be too.

I want to make my death lie.


I lie in bed, close my eyes, and surrender.

Because I donít surrender.


I wait, pause, and smile.

I let you be.

But that is no yield,

Only patience


For you to notice

That life

Is extricable from me.


Samantha Enns is a junior at St. John's College in Annapolis, Maryland. Basketball, ballroom dance, and the Age of Reason continually threaten to take over her life, but she carves out time to write on occasion. Miss Enns has been previously published in Hobart Pulp and Bewildering Stories. She encourages you to contact her at


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