Annika Barranti (a Noneuclidean Cafe Contributing Editor) was born and raised in New York. She now lives in Los Angeles with her husband, their son, and several thousand books. She writes for and maintains a personal website at

Gary Beck’s recent fiction has appeared in 3AM Magazine, Fullosia Press, EWG Presents, Nuvein Magazine, Vincent Brothers Review, The Journal, Short Stories Monthly, L’Intrigue Magazine, Babel Magazine and Bibliophilos. His poetry has appeared in dozens of literary magazines. His plays and translations of Moliere, Aristophanes, and Sophocles have been produced Off Broadway. He is a writer/director of award-winning social issue video documentaries.

Paul E. Dunn, Psy.D. is a Leadership and Personal Development Coach.  He supports the development of executives, managers, small business owners, and individuals who deeply desire to actualize their full potential in and out of work while having a ball creating and engaging in a life full of value and meaning.  He brings his training in Neurolinguistic Programming, Ericksonian Hypnosis, psychology, coaching and over 16 years of Corporate Sales Management experience to his coaching clients.  Dr. Dunn offers a free monthly e-newsletter that focuses on leadership and personal development.  If you would like to subscribe to his free e-newsletter go to the fourth page of his website.  Dr. Paul can be reached by phone at (856) 228-2103 or by e-mail at His website is

Samantha Enns is a junior at St. John's College in Annapolis, Maryland. Basketball, ballroom dance, and the Age of Reason continually threaten to take over her life, but she carves out time to write on occasion. Miss Enns has been previously published in Hobart Pulp and Bewildering Stories. She encourages you to contact her at

John Irvine is an Old Aged Pensioner with delusions of immortal failure and a cynical view of life. He has a mole under his left arm, and a wife who hates pizza and tripe,. He hopes to die painlessly one day without warning. He has a volume of poetry, recently published by Zenith Publishing Group ( of New Zealand, called Man of Stone. It has been positively reviewed in Takahe magazine by Raewyn Alexander, and in Valley Micropress by Tony Chad. He’s pathetically grateful for that. He also has a web site where you can waste some time:  He has been published in a number of print and online magazines, including Australian Reader, Wicked Karnival, Sam Smith’s Select Six, Stylus and Magazine, and now in the truly amazing Noneuclidean Cafe.

Leland Jamieson, a performing arts center manager for most of his working life, is retired and lives in East Hampton, Connecticut, USA. His recent and forthcoming work appears in Bellowing Ark, Blue Unicorn, Neovictorian /Cochlea, Raintown Review, and 3rd Muse. He has gathered a number of published formal poems, some with streaming audio, under the title Needles in a Pinewood at He is hawking a 60-page book manuscript by the same name.

Tarl Roger Kudrick has been telling stories one way or another since he could talk, but only recently got serious about learning the craft of writing and marketing fiction. He's a major partner in the new on-line fiction magazine On The Premises ( "Labor Night" is the third story Tarl's had accepted for publication.

Carole Ann Moleti is a nurse-midwife in New York City, specializing in the care of socially high risk women and children.  In addition to lecturing and professional writing, she is working on a memoir, feature articles, and opinion pieces that focus on political and women’s issues. Her first love is science fiction and fantasy because walking through walls is a lot less painful than running into them.  You can visit her blog at

John Popham is a freelance writer and an IT Architect. He is a recipient of the Mark Time Award for best science fiction audio for the radio production Primitive James. John is a member of the Liberty Hall Writer's Forum.

Andersen Prunty's stories have appeared or are forthcoming in Space and Time, The Dream People, The Edge, Wicked Hollow, Word Riot, The City Morgue, Sinisteria, Horror Carousel and other publications.  His novel, The Tormenteds, was recently accepted by Naked Snake Press and is scheduled to be released in March, 2007.

Deborah J. Sergeant is a freelance writer living in Wolcott, N.Y. Her work appears regularly in local newspapers, along with regional and national magazines.  To find out more, please visit her website at

James Swingle (Noneuclidean Cafe's Publisher and Editor-in-Chief) is currently offering training in effective management and starting your own business, as well as personal growth workshops and coaching.  You can find out more at  His fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in Aoife's Kiss, Black Ink Horror, Susurrus, Byzarium and other publications.  You can find out more about Mr. Swingle's writing at


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