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James Swingle



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Change is bad.  We fear change.


Garth says that in the movie Wayne's World.  It's a line I've always liked.  The well-meaning like to reframe change as opportunity.  The possibly-not-so-well-meaning like to tell us that if we're laid off and our jobs outsourced overseas, it's our own fault for not figuring out where our cheese was moved.  So sometimes, I find admitting change is something we fear both honest and refreshing.


That said, Noneuclidean Cafe is going through some changes, and I have to say, these changes are feeling good. 


We have some great additions to our staff:


Femke Stuut, who wrote “The Ladder of Intentional Behaviour for the first issue of Noneuclidean Cafe, is coming on board as Contributing Editor for Personal Growth.  You can read her take on “The Spider at the Gate of Happiness in this issue.


Annika Barranti, whose short short “Puppy Love was in our first issue, is coming on board as a Contributing Editor for our Reviews section.  You can read her review of Black Sunshine by Alexander Zelenyj in this issue.  And on the subject of changes, Annika recently had a very big change—a beautiful baby, Samuel.  Congratulations to Annika and her husband Will.


Robert Kalman, whose photos enriched the look of our second issue, comes on board as Photographer for Noneuclidean Cafe.  You can see his cover for this issue.


Also, Noneuclidean Cafe is broadening its range of interviews.  We had interviews with two of the top practitioners in the NLP field for our first issue (Dr. Rachel Hott) and second issue (David Gordon).  Now, with issue three, we're going beyond the NLP community, and featuring an interview with Sergio Della Sala, author of Mind Myths, who has some concerns with the personal growth industry.  And going forward, I'm excited about bringing a wide range of voices and perspectives to this journal.


Finally, the changes aren't only at Noneuclidean Cafe.  The few months since our last issue have been a time of big personal change.  I'm now married to a wonderful woman, Jennifer.  And since she lives in Canada, I'm currently in the process of immigrating.  Yes, I'll soon be leaving New York City, my home for almost a quarter century, and moving to British Columbia.


So I look forward to this Fall, when I'll be living in Canada with my wife, and Noneuclidean Cafe will start its second year of publication.  Thank you all—contributors, readers, and all those who lent a hand—for a great first year.  Enjoy this issue, and I look forward to going into Noneuclidean Cafe's second year with all of you.  As long as you carry the people who matter most with you, change isn't so bad.


James Swingle (Noneuclidean Cafe's Publisher and Editor-in-Chief) offers business training, and personal growth workshops and coaching, which you can find out about at www.jamesswingle.com.  His fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in Susurrus, Byzarium, Wicked Karnival, From the Asylum and other publications.  You can find out more about his writing at fiction.jamesswingle.com.


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