There's a place in the West Village of New York City where the normally parallel West 12th St. and West 4th St meet.  I've long walked by that spot and thought it was the perfect location for a small eatery called Noneuclidean Cafe.  A place where people could sit down over some good food or a strong coffee and talk about the arts and their personal journeys.   Unfortunately, the rent for such a space in Manhattan would leave me so deep in debt I wouldn't be able to afford to eat at my own cafe.  And alas, I have no experience in the restaurant field.  So I created this journal online, where the rent is cheaper.  For more background on the journal's origin and name, you can check out the editor's column from our first issue.


Noneuclidean Cafe is an online literary quarterly, founded in 2005.  Our mission is to publish articles on personal growth from the perspectives of a wide range of change modalities, including the intersection of personal growth and social change; and to publish artistic works--in particular poetry and short fiction, but we are open to works of all sorts.  Noneuclidean Cafe is a place where people and things that don't always get a chance to meet can come together:  Where personal growth and the arts can sit down together; unconscious and conscious are given voice to express themselves; all change modalities find a chair; traditional wisdom and Western science have a place at the table; personal and social change are invited; and where all lines, whether straight or not, have the right to get married if they want.




Publisher and Editor

James Swingle

Contributing Editors


Annika Barranti





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